Attintrade Co. is a knowledge-based company, founded in 2022. Through control-farming system, we are producing and supplying : Organic and GAP products, Herbs-Medicinal, Culinary, Aromatic- Plants & Seeds , Sitespecific agricultural products.

 In our control-farming system, farmers, located in different regions of Iran play the role of cultivation and our experts taking principal of sustainable agriculture into account monitor, consult and control the cultivation and production. We will attract and retain outstanding farmers by motivating and rewarding them for their accomplishments in providing exceptional products to our valued customers. The system as advantages are:

 Decreasing the costs of production.

 Preparing certain and proper market for the farmers and producers.

Producing high quality and sustainable products.

Improving rural development.

In addition, several products of our company are harvested from natural pastures and considered as wild collection. Furthermore, we are able to cultivate and supply other climate compatible medicinal plants and field crops which are not mentioned in our list of products. ABN. Co. is specialized in supplying industrial-size volumes of raw materials. Furthermore, Our Company performs the separation or powdering process according to HACCP guidelines, where it is required. Our knowledgeable expert team is ready to provide you convenience at the time of Production, Packaging and Delivery. It is possible to send the sample everywhere by accepting the shipping cost.

  • Organic and GAP products,

  • Herbs-Medicinal

  • Culinary

  • Aromatic- Plants & Seeds

  • Site-specific agricultural products